First track from Vanessa Bley out.

The drums were recorded by me, and performed by Steve Kefalas.

Los Angeles is a place you find yourself, lose yourself and forget everything else. For Vanessa Bley it was the turning point for the rhythm of her music. Watch how her City of Dream serves as a source of inspiration for a new sound.

Back at it with @keflexian #studio #drums #recording

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August update! Drum recording

This past weekend I had the pleasure of engineering two drum recording sessions with my friend, drummer Steve Kefalas. We recorded songs for two artists, Vanessa Bley, and Kylie Hughes. In addition to being an absolute blast working on the respective material, Steve and I are getting some great drum sounds out of his LA based studio.

New town. New record. New drummer. #papillon #vbleymusic #SundayAfternoon #newjam @keflexian @parasitk

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Errr, you’re sitting where I need to mix.

I admit I don’t know this band, but Allaire Studios is just so beautiful – what a great environment to record in.


In the Studio With… Grizzly Bear

*From recording sessions of their 2009 album Veckatimest.