First track from Vanessa Bley out.

The drums were recorded by me, and performed by Steve Kefalas.

Los Angeles is a place you find yourself, lose yourself and forget everything else. For Vanessa Bley it was the turning point for the rhythm of her music. Watch how her City of Dream serves as a source of inspiration for a new sound.

August update! Drum recording

This past weekend I had the pleasure of engineering two drum recording sessions with my friend, drummer Steve Kefalas. We recorded songs for two artists, Vanessa Bley, and Kylie Hughes. In addition to being an absolute blast working on the respective material, Steve and I are getting some great drum sounds out of his LA based studio.

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New music updates: 2015

I just finished the new I, Parasite EP, A Diminished Torrow and it’s currently awaiting mastering. More on that soon.

I also finished a remix (as I, Parasite) for Alien Element “Big & Tall (Road Kill)”. I’m not sure when that will be released.

And finally I’ve just started mixing the second release from Audio Resistance, Checkpoint Poverty. While I’m working on this, I highly recommend you check out their debut album:

Back and there again – From Actionscript to Haxe

About a decade-plus ago I was really into Macromedia Flash and Actionscript. Unfortunately I never managed to focus my web dev day job around it, but I was really into doing my own website and weird little motion graphic projects. Eventually I fell out of it — right around when Adobe stepped into the picture. I had never really thought of trying to make games, even though that’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time.

Fast forward to 2013 and I’m learning Objective-C to write my first mobile app for iOS. With iOS7 came Sprite Kit, Apple’s 2D game framework. After messing around with it for a bit I came to a couple conclusions: I’m not a really massive fan of Objective-C in general — it feels a bit clunky to use as a game making language — plus if I’m going to make a game, I really don’t want to lock myself into a single ecosystem.

OpenFL + Haxe + Flixel

After a bit of searching I discovered Flixel and FlashPunk, but was honestly somewhat hesitant to return to the Flash world. Fortunately that’s when I discovered Haxe, OpenFL, and HaxeFlixel. So far it’s been an interesting combination of familiar and new. HaxeFlixel is a great game framework to get started with. I may play around with some others, like HaxePunk and HÖVE (a Haxe port of the Lua based Love2D), but right now it serves my needs perfectly.

I’m going to post a bit more as I get deeper into it and about the game projects I work on. More to come soon.