If you have any additional questions not addressed here, please contact me!

  • Q: What do you do?
  • Recording, mixing, production, and synth programming are my main focuses.
  • Q: What are your mixing rates?
  • Contact me with the details about your project, and we can discuss rates. But I do charge per-song, with half deposit paid up front before any work begins.
  • Anything additional, such as the editing or tuning of tracks will be charged separately at an hourly rate, as will additional recalls and revisions requested after you have approved and signed off on a final mix version.
  • Q: How do you deliver your mixes?
  • Usually via Dropbox, but if you have a preferred service let me know. Unless you specify something different, all songs will be delivered as 96k/24b interleaved WAV files.
  • I can provide private links to preview mixes via SoundCloud or mp3.
  • I can provide alternative mixes if needed, such as: vocal up, vocal down, instrumental, etc. Please let me know your needs.
  • Q: How should I prepare my tracks for delivery?
  • Please provide each track merged together (one single mono or stereo audio file per track) from measure one (1) so they will line up when I import them into in my DAW. I do not accept DAW project files of any kind. Please render these tracks with the fader at unity gain preferably with no volume automation.
  • Q: What about effects?
  • If you have any time based effects (delay, reverb) that you would like me to use, please provide them bounced 100% wet on their own separate track in addition to the dry, non-effected track. Please append that track name with “_delay” or “_reverb”. I will blend them back with the dry tracks. Of course I can work with printed effects if this is not possible (if you tracked through them, etc.).
  • I prefer no EQ or compression on the tracks, but if you’re using them for creative reasons that the song requires, that’s fine.
  • Q: How should I deliver my tracks?
  • I can accept WAV (preferred), AIFF, and SDII files (mono or interleaved stereo). Please provide the project tracks at the sample and bit rates you recorded them.
  • Put all the tracks for each song in a separate folder with a README that has any pertinent information (such as tempo and meter), and zip/rar them. It’s best to send me one zip/rar archive per song.
  • Please deliver the files for your songs either on a hard drive (which will be returned with your final mixes), DVD-R or CD-R, or via file upload (DropBox, FTP, etc.).
  • Q: Do you want reference mixes?
  • You can provide me with your own reference mixes if you wish, plus some notes about what kind of sound you are looking for for the album as a whole.
  • If you have any song references by other bands that help illustrate what you’re looking for in a mix, please let me know about them up front as well!
  • Q: Anything else?
  • If you have any other questions that aren’t addressed here, please contact me!

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