I, Parasite: 1996 – 2016

Around June or July in 1996 Justin and I started I, Parasite. We met via a classified ad I placed in a local NYC newspaper. A couple of years and a few demos later we put out our first album, Turin. Six “proper” releases and twenty years after that, I’m mixing the fourth full length I, Parasite album, Österlanden. A lot has changed since those early days. I, Parasite sounds like a completely different band, and I am a rather different person. The project has accumulated a lot of baggage, and I just don’t quite feel the same connection to it (or the name) anymore.

So I’m excited and also a bit sad to announce that Österlanden will be the final I, Parasite album. But Österlanden also marks a new beginning for me. I’m really proud of this record, and would like to live in this place for quite a while longer. I also hope that you will enjoy it and stick with me as I continue in that direction under a new name. There will be more about this and other future musical projects once Österlanden is complete and out in the world.

I know working with me is often not an easy thing, so I would like to thank all of the people who have played with, guided, and/or contributed to I, Parasite over the years:

Justin Butts, Mike Ferguson, Henry Kohler, Tom Harris, Michael Alexander, Michael Morel, Ray Cicero, Bret Calder, Bilian Frost, Michael Weeks, Ron Schecher, Lars Hansen, Colin McKay, Mike Renfield, Alan Nino-Castro, Brandon Hodges, Scott Landes, Tash Cox, Emily Joy, Steve Kefalas, Rob Caggiano, Melyssa Anishnabie, Paul Komoda, and Shikhee.

And thank all of you for supporting me all these years! Here’s to more music in 2017 and beyond.

//Christopher Jon