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Christopher Jon is a recording & mix engineer, synth programmer, and sound designer from New York City. He created electronic-rock music for over 20 years as I, Parasite. He is currently making music as Winter Is The Wound.

Other work includes synth programming for Cradle of Filth, as well as recording, production, mixes and/or remixes for artists such as Android Lust, QAALM, Vanessa Bley, AL1CE, Kylie Hughes, Mankind Is Obsolete, Stray, Rosetta, Schuldt, Croc Shop, and many others.


"Christopher dialed in the exact feel I was looking for on my last album. You saved me months of anguish and hair pulling. Thanks again man!" — Audio Resistance audioresistance.net
"Christopher Jon has been instrumental in taking our sound to the next level. He is easy to work with and we would highly recommend his impressive mixing abilities."— Where The Embers Fall wheretheembersfall.com
"I have known Christopher Jon for about seven years now, and he's been a great help in discussing analogue modular synthesis, studio recording gear and mixing techniques. During that time it has been my pleasure to work with him on a few projects as his mastering engineer. I mastered an EP release for I, Parasite, and a couple of other albums where he was the mix engineer (Audio Resistance and Where The Embers Fall). In all cases, the mixes I received from Chris were up there with the best I have ever received. It's easy to tell that he is very experienced and has a good ear. He always submits tracks at 24 bit/96kHz and leaves lots of headroom for me to work with. He has a nice collection of quality analogue outboard. It has always been an absolute pleasure to work with him, and I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a fantastic recording and mix engineer. I know I am very much looking forward to working with him again soon!"— Gregg Janman (Hermetech Mastering) hermetechmastering.com

Credits (Production, Tracking, Mixing)